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Coffee Love

Saturday, 23 March 2013 | post a comment {0}

It all started here,
Beautiful architecture and interesting cafes,
Employees are polite and nice,
Everything looks perfect.

My days begin with coffee that is sweet,
Puffs of smoke mark it is still hot,
Way jewelry symbolizes love,
A crispy waffle with him faithful.

My presence there for a reason,
Your face is one of the reasons,
Like Cinderella, I'm dreaming,
Hope the prince accept my love.

Without giving up, I'm waiting,
A thousand and one questions shackle,
Where the question of twisting,
Would you with me?

You aware of my presence,
Sweet smile of yours is like coffee,
My heart melted half the ocean,
How my days without you?

Coffee and waffles as a witness,
You accept my love sincerely,
2 hearts together one,
Hope to remain so timeless ...

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